Music has fascinated me as long as I can remember.  Being in the presence of the players as the music is created can be a magical experience.  On those occasions when we can’t be present at a favorite artist’s performance, recordings are the vehicle that brings us the music.

It has been my very good fortune to have worked on recordings by some of my favorite musical artists and also to have met and spent time with a number of my heroes in the world of recording, from both sides of the studio glass, creators of the music and creators of the hardware and software that allow us to enjoy the music at our convenience.

Back in 2006, I decided to start the Soundkeeper Recordings label, with the goal of making recordings that provide the listener with a perspective similar to what they’d experience in the presence of the performance.  This is a departure from most of the recordings I grew up with and have enjoyed over the years.  I see them as two different approaches, each with its own rewards.

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