Ab Initio

Welcome to The Soundkeeper!

This is a blog about audio, music, recording and playback, all things that have captivated me since I was a young child.  I’ve been an audio engineer since 1975, though I was making recordings of friends and myself back in elementary school.  With the “sound with sound” function on my brother’s Concord reel-to-reel recorder, I found I could play more than one musical part — we were using “overdubbing” before I knew what that was.

I’ve always loved talking audio with friends.  In my college days, there were many late nights spent with a few audio buddies, talking preamps and loudspeakers into the wee hours.  I didn’t know it then but those long discussions were providing me with a foundation — a yen for looking at every aspect of audio and music recording and playback from what I later came to know as “first principles”: an approach that questioned everything, every step of the process.  It was a means of formulating questions and then searching out the answers to those questions.  It was the best “recording school” I can imagine.

In the intervening years, I’ve participated on a number of Internet audio fora and written a number of articles for print publications in both the pro and hobbyist arenas.  Several folks have asked me to put my thoughts into a book on the subject.  I don’t know about a book but I thought a good place to start would be a blog like this, in effect, an audio diary, where I’d share some of the thoughts and ideas I have.

To be clear, what is written in this blog represents my own experience and perspective.  I certainly make no claim to having any corner on Universal Truth.  I hope you find these thoughts and ideas of interest.  Until the next entry…

Happy Listening!